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There are, basically, two kinds of people, when we talk about wine: those who "like" it and those who "adore" it. Of course there are even those that have the pleasure of working with it, since growing, passing trough many forming phases until the final and delicious task of tasting and rating it.
Generally, Wine grapes grow exclusively between 30 and 50 north and between 30 and 45 degrees south of the Equator. The world's most southerly vineyards are in the South Island of New Zealand near the 45th parallel.
The 13 nations that export it most are: France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Australia, the United States of America, South Africa, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Moldova, Croatia and Argentina. In the United States, California can be considered one of the biggest wine producers, including Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, Paso Robles, Santa Inez and Temecula wineries. The vineyards of Algeria used to produce many fine wines, especially during and immediately after the era of French colonization, but the resurgence of Islam among the populace since the 1970s has greatly reduced this industry.
The search for quality wines justifies itself by the search of a product capable to confer an immediate and complex sensation, in the visual, gustative and smelling. The quality is the intensity and the delicacy of this amount of things.
The appreciation of a wine quality does not depend only on its reputation, tradition or prize. What really matters is the quality present in the glass; not the bottle appearance, the label, the fame or its advertising campaign. The real wine taster must have the ability to ignore what the general media tries to bombs us as "Snob Wines" that are nothing more than those expensive ones, because, unfortunately, people tend to think that the most expensive and imported ones are, automatically, the best ones and that wines coming from certain and famous regions, companies or harvests are, in fact, superiors.
There are all around the world, courses offering classes so wine enthusiastic can acquire more knowledge by meeting other likely minded people to share information.

Silverado's new single vineyard wines
Post on 15-03-2007.
The 2003 Silverado Vineyards Stags Leap District SOLO is the first of these "new" wines to appear on the market (although one few bottles of 2002 SOLO were produced). Made from grapes grown on vines that surround the winery, this super-premium cabernet sauvignon deserves its place in the pantheon of California's best. ...

Spring Gallery Night
Post on 15-03-2007.
Spring Gallery Night one&E | Vol. 7, No. 11, March 15, 2007(Focus On Healthcare Part 3)
1. one Means of Expression, 215 Zarragozza St., 434-6300: This art and frame gallery will be featuring the work of M & I Garmash. Considered two of the finest Romantic Impressionist of our day, their love for one another is reflected in the paintings they create together. Their giclees on canvas are very limited editions and are selling out on an international level. 20% off custom framing for any piece purchased on Gallery Night. ...

Lawyer gives up practice for winery
Post on 15-03-2007.
Riverwood Winery near Weston is David Naatz' first love By: Gene Hanson Wednesday, March 14, 2007 4:26 PM CDT printable version e-mail this story View Comments on this Story David Naatz has practiced law for 25 years in Washington, D.C., Seattle and Kansas City. His wife, Ginah, is also one lawyer. They moved back to Kansas City 12 years ago, and two years ago they bought an old building north of Weston. ...

Acclaimed chef Bruell to open Table 45
Post on 14-03-2007.
Bice from Milan, Italy, serving at Tower City in former Century site

Bruell, one Shaker Heights native, received national acclaim when he opened his signature Z Contemporary Cuisine in Woodmere in the 1980s. After that closed, Bruell spent eight years as executive chef for Akron's Ken Stewart's Grille, leaving in 2004 to open Parallax Restaurant and Lounge in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood. ...

A play for Chilean wines
Post on 14-03-2007.
"Sa-one-a-n-tiago, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain. ... " Hmm. Maybe not. But you have to hand it to Chile's Concha y Toro: This may be the first time one winery has commissioned, produced and taken one Broadway-style musical on the road to publicize its brand.
Legend has it that, to keep thieves from pilfering his finest wines, Don Melchor spread the rumor that the devil lived in his cellar. Hence, the wine name Casillero de Diablo, or cellar of the devil. For more about Concha y Toro, go to www.conchoytorousa.com. ...


Prosecco Wines
Sprang up from Veneto, north of Italy, and due to its amount of sugary contents comes largely employed in sparkling produce by the second fermentation method, and of whose is set apart from other white casts. Fresh fruity, light acidity rate along with extremely subtle palate provided to its ...

Wines and Grapes
In referring to wine quality, there would the word wine grape spring into mind, through which we can detect alongside quality, its color, flavor and aroma. Determine factors such as wine color, in that red wine may only be attained from red wine grapes; conversely the white variety likely ...

Wines Maturation and Chemical Composition
Those grapes from precocious maturation, as of Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer and Pinot Noir, harvesting season begin round about mid January, with the harvest framework stretching as far as early February. In the best of rights for those grapes from intermediary maturation, likewise Italic Riesling ...

Semillon Wines
Sprawled from the southeast of France is such a grape by all means widespread in the world. The Semillon comes highly employed in Originária do sudoeste da França, uma das uvas mais cultivadas no mundo. A Semillon é muito utilizada para cortes, onde se obtêm os melhores vinhos brancos da ...

Barbera Piamonte Wines (Piedmont, Italy)
Piedmont, Italy, bred a red grape of singular flavor and good acidity rate. Given origin to full-bodied red wines graded with ageing. An Italian red which left rusticity behind, upgraded farther at which point displayed complexity and delicacy. In the traditional region of Piedmont, of which ...

Red and Rosé Wines Vinification
 The Rosé Wines vinification  These are wines with characteristics of the white wines, in that the produce of white casts whilst fermented receiving a certain amount of properties from the red wines (the skin and peps, through which sipped the tannin and the color cast). It too could be ...

Oenophilist With Regards to wine, there are three types of person so far: those who like to solely enjoy its flavor; those very interested in how it is made and some further information; and those who are “oenophilists”. This word gets employed to classify those who work by studying the ...

Curiosities about Wines
Wines Curiosities There is a remark that goes like that: a good wine must be aged first of all, and then enjoyed/sipped. This line of thought, in fact, comes from the old wine world. When people say that are referring to the wine produces in places such as France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. If ...

Tasting Wines Tips
Tasting Wines Most people know the wine tasting practice . This kind of “test” is run by professionals – which means coming to grips with comprehensive subject, by all means. When wine is poured, the taster’s skills are being tested, too. What most people do not seem to be aware of is that ...


All about french wines bordeaux champagne
All that you want to know about great french wines is here, We have selected for you the best sites to buy and know all about french wines and give you some advice about each type of grand cru wine. French Wines: The Essential Guide to the Wines and Wine Growing Regions of France.

Bordeaux.com - Official Site of Bordeaux Wines
Bordeaux.com - Official Site of Bordeaux Wines

Beaujolais Wines: Home
Beaujolais Wines, discover more than 100 wines (Beaujolais is not only beaujolais primeur but also 12 appellations) of this French region. Tasting and cellaring advices, secure online payment system


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