Wine and Grapes

 In referring to wine quality, there would the word wine grape spring into mind, through which we can detect alongside quality, its color, flavor and aroma.
 Determine factors such as wine color, in that red wine may only be attained from red wine grapes; conversely the white variety likely generates both white and rosé. Additionally, dessert wines may be produced from grape varieties likely yielding the so-called “noble rottenness” or through maturing. As in brandy and sparkling wines of which case require higher ratio of natural acidity, so higher alcohol volume. 
 Therefore the grant for prime quality in wine stands for its capability for producing wines with identifiable aromas and flavors, even so at mercy of climatic conditions, thus influenced by both the terroir and its harvest procedure. Produced by an array of varieties the fruity combination must always obey a principle of complementation. The Cabernet Sauvignon, for instance, combines well with grapes likely to produce more fruity-like wines, as the Merlot, or from hot climates such as the Syrah, otherwise the robust Semillon comes as a good contrast against the Sauvignon Blanc’s aroma and acidity.
In countries of great vintner tradition, such as France and Italy to name a few, there had taken place, throughout the ages, such natural selection of grapes, and coming as outstanding those of which better adapted to local climate conditions.  
Yet other factors such as resistance to blight, quality and good performance were held in account. Such grapes were afterwards taken to other regions of the world, thereof some got adapted and others, either couldn’t adapt or lost along the way the denoted trademark of their place of origin.
 In order to achieve full appreciation as of wine, looking further into characteristics of the main grape varieties so as to get a sense how they would present themselves in wines, seems of essence some would say. That said we come to highlight the mainstay in both whites and red grapes featuring on the following articles.


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